Having the right equipment for every situation is key to a successful job. Because there are many types of prompting requirements for clients, VIP has relied on Telescript hardware and software to provide them with gear for EVERY situation.

Remote Productions

Remote productions can be particularly challenging as conditions, locations and equipment can change at any moment. Telescript’s Fold & Go Prompting Systems are the perfect option for remote shoots because they are extremely versatile. Every kit comes with mounting hardware for mounting a very wide range of camera types and can also me mounted as a stand-alone unit with a tripod that all of our operators travel with.

Depending on your situation, 8″, 15″ and 19″ systems are available. To learn more about the Telescript Fold & Go System you can get further details here.

Studio Productions

Studio productions generally require larger teleprompters that need to mount to larger cameras. VIP utilizes the Telescript’s line of Studio Prompting Systems that allow for cameras with wide-angle box lenses. Tallies, clocks and reference monitors can also be added if required.

In addition, with the increase in the use of PTZ cameras in large studios, VIP offers a 16×9 21.5″ system that is made specifically for PTZ cameras. We also have a solution for small box cameras as well when used on robotic pedestals.

Both the studio prompting system and the PTZ system can be mounted on a stand as well if you require a larger system paired with a smaller camera.

Click here for information on the Studio System. 

Public Speaking

VIP is equipped with two types of public speaking systems… standard and motorized. Telescript’s PRS prompting system is the industry standard for basic public speaking systems. Great for speakers that are generally the same height and have a very low profile while on stage. Or upgrade to the Telescript MPS system which adds a motorized height control component. This system is great for presentations where speaker heights are more varied. The MPS system enables the operator to dial in specific heights for each individual speaker. 

Additional details on these systems can be found here.


Software type is critical to getting the job done correctly. Telescript software is one of the oldest teleprompting systems in existence and is known to be extremely reliable. This is why VIP chooses to exclusively use Telescript software for all of our jobs. Whether your job is a simple talking head or something that is more complicated like live updates to scrolling scripts for a live show, VIP can cover any situation you may have.  

Click here for information on Telescript software.