What is Contact Free Recording (CFR) with Teleprompting?

CFR is a process that allows Talent, Production, and the Teleprompter Operator to be in remote locations while still able to deliver Professional Broadcast Quality Video & Audio Recordings and a perfect prompting scroll for talent.

What do I need to be able to provide CFR for my customers?

VIP will provide your talent with a CFR kit that provides all the hardware and software needed.  They will receive a certified CFR laptop with Telescript AV software, and all other necessary software pre-loaded and configured to work out of the box.  The kit comes with specific instructions for the talent to get everything set up in just a few easy steps.

We have been using the internet for remote prompting already, what makes CFR different?

Using the internet to send video, audio and prompter can cause issues with quality… CFR’s unique approach eliminates the loss of quality.

My client’s IT department will not allow me to remotely control their computer.  Can I still use CFR?

Yes.  CFR with prompting is completely secure and does not require access to clients’ computers and can operate on its own private secure internet connection.

Other Prompting manufacturers are offering remote solutions with intricate drawings and diagrams, etc.  Do I need to understand that level of complexity to implement CFR with Prompting?


Here is what your talent will see on their CFR computer:

Here is a sample from a CFR with Prompter recording. Make sure you playback in full 1080p to see the high quality of the recording:

Contact us on how to book your CFR kit and operator.

212-247-7786 or vipprompting@yahoo.com!